About this Blog

Hello and welcome to
The House of Mouse!
 Wait...no, that's Mickey Mouse...

*AHEM* Let's try that again. 

Warm greetings and welcome to...

 Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Sarah!(sorry for shouting!)

I'm a wife, a stay-at-home-Mommy to two awesome and crazy boys, and the artist behind Doormouse Doodles and photographer behind Doormouse Photography...when there's time.

The Doormouse House is a little of the corner of the interwebs where I occasionally share the goings-ons of us Doormice, fun DIY projects (yay Pinterest!), mine and Lucas's musical ventures, a sprinkling of recipes, a dash of musings...just about everything, unless Instagram gets it first. (>_>) #instagramkilledmyblog.

My husband & I call the corn-and-bean-swathed Midwest home, where I spend my time as a full-time Mommy and occasional-photographer, musician, & creator of the handmade goods sold by my Etsy shop, Doormouse Doodles. Though I have a degree in Music Business with a vocal emphasis, I instead chose to follow my passion for art after graduation, leading me (most gratefully) to where I am today.

I love Earl Grey tea, a good ol' Midwestern thunderstorm, chasing after my 2 sweet little boys every day - especially through the woods at Forest School! - and learning more each day about our great and wonderful Savior, the one who we call King, Jesus Christ! 

The things that make my heart sing are: quiet weekends at home with my family; watching my children learn and grow each day; sending off a package full of love to a customer; drinking freshly brewed tea in a quiet living room with the windows open during Bible time; running, hiking, walking, canoeing, and taking the time to enjoy God's creation; and our extended family's tradition of "Sunday Dinners" and playing games before band practice!
So lovely to meet you all! Won't you stick around? Kick your shoes off at the door (yeah, yeah, we're one of those houses), grab a cuppa tea, and let's hang out!