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I may be a professional "Mommy" now, but I started out in college with a very different ambition: MUSIC! And while I still love writing, recording, and performing, I am so grateful that my passions changed and spared me a life of constant travel and upheaval; I am a soul who needs to set her roots to thrive!

My husband Lucas and I met at university, where we were both studying to receive our Bachelors of Music - Lucas was getting his B.M. in Commercial Music with a guitar performance emphasis and I was getting getting my B.M. in Music Business and studying voice. (And to answer the oft-asked question, NO, Lucas does not sing. ...YET. )

We wrote our first song together as friends sitting on an empty stage in the middle of the Quad at 3am, after discussing how we had both thought in junior high that we wanted to study to be a volcanologist. I shared that my main motivation could be credited to the movie Dante's Peak; after watching that movie in science class my seventh grade year, I thought volcanoes and geology were "pretty hot stuff." No, I didn't realize I had uttered the pun to end all puns. He had to breathlessly point it out to a very dumbstruck me between fits of uncontrollable laughter. He has thankfully done well to refine my sense of humor since that first bonding experience. Now most of my puns are intentional. Most of them. 

The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, over 10 years later, we still love making music together! We have recorded a handful of albums and have several more in the works (with much later album release dates because of the new reality with two little hooligans!). We'd love for you to check them out!

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Albums Available for Purchase...

Lucas Doremus - "'Tis So Sweet" 2014
Solo Acoustic Guitar

Available for digital download on Google Play 
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Sarah Doremus (self-titled debut album) 2013
Acoustic Pop

Available on Etsy

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Lucas Doremus - "And You Will Find Me" 2013
Solo Acoustic Guitar

Available for digital download on Google Play

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Coming Soon...ish 

Sarah Doremus - ALL IT TAKES

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