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“Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written…” (how…impressive…?)

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From the May 2016 blog post, "Oh where, oh where have the Doormouses gone?"
Anywhooo, as indicated in the title, I recently lost a ton of weight, and in ONLY TWO DAYS! Wow! 

You may be asking, “How ever did you do it?!”, “Why?!?”, “Is that really healthy?!?!?!”, and other insistent questions with lots of question marks and exclamation points. Here’s my secret: Norovirus, y’all. U-G-to-the-L-Y.
It is an ugly, violent bug and I have no clue how literally EVERYONE IN THE WORLD isn’t sick with norovirus; did you know it takes fewer than 20 – TWENTY – virus particles to get infected? (source) To give you a frame of reference, I read somewhere in my extensive “Holy crap am I going to die???” research that a visible droplet of bodily fluids can contain SEVERAL BILLION virus particles (source). 

Put simply, norovirus is ridiculously good at infecting its next victim.

I came down with it suddenly Sunday night, a day after eating at Panera, which made me think I had picked up something food-borne. For around eight hours, I became a human volcano; I was erupting (truly the best adjective to describe the force with which this virus hits a person) every 15 minutes. UGH. That was followed by weakness, fatigue, EXTREME thirst, and nearly blacking out for lack of fluids, prompting Lucas to stay home to take care of the kids whilst I faded in and out of sleep (consciousness?) all day Monday. I became worryingly dehydrated, but it was nothing force-sipping Pedialyte and sleeping all day couldn’t heal. I ate nothing for 36 or so hours, first because I could hardly keep anything down, and then because I had absolutely no appetite. When I wasn’t nauseated anymore, the mere THOUGHT of food was just…EXHAUSTING.

Tuesday, Lucas went back to work and I sucked it up and cared for the kiddos even though I still felt like I was on death’s door...which was actually an improvement. At least I was awake enough to feel something! Since the illness struck, I had been bleaching the bathroom every time after getting sick, washing my hands CONSTANTLY, and trying to keep my distance from the kids because – just in case it wasn’t food-borne – I wanted to make sure the kids wouldn’t get it. 

We would find out Tuesday night that it wasn’t food-borne, courtesy of Little Mouse’s “volcano-ing” (nice mental picture, yes?). We would also learn that those infected with norovirus shouldn’t prepare food for others for at LEAST TWO DAYS AFTER YOU RECOVER (source). So, that is likely how I infected Little Mouse. The illness was rough on him, but thankfully didn’t hit him as hard as it had hit me. He didn’t get dehydrated, but he did continue to get sick at night for two nights beyond the initial "spewing every 15 minutes" phase, getting good use out of his “bleh bucket” until Thursday night. On Friday, we finally picked up some activated charcoal from the local health food store, and Little Mouse stopped losing his lunch in the evenings and said his stomach felt “not so twisty” after sipping some from a water bottle filled with natural “Gatorade.”


Lucas was struck down on Friday night, and spent most of Saturday resting. He never puked once, thanks to:
A) His iron stomach
B) His amazing immune system
C) Activated charcoal, 2 capsules every 3 hours until well
D) Essential Oils of Thieves and Peppermint (Thieves only used by Lucas and properly diluted; the peppermint was used by Lucas and Little Mouse, and again was properly diluted using Robert Tisserand's dilution recommendations.)

All told, we lost 20 pounds: I lost 12 pounds and gained back 2 after re-hydrating and returning to eating; Little Mouse lost 2 pounds and gained back his total weight (thankfully!) after returning to eating; Lucas lost 6 pounds and has gained back 1 after returning to eating; and Brother Mouse was spared any suffering thanks to breastmilk immunities that he got from me!

So that is how I lost 10 pounds in 2 days. Not recommended.

Since the illness, our stomachs have shrunk considerably. We eat far less at meals and are WAYYYYY-HAY-HAY-HAY more snacky. We eat lots and lots of little, healthy meals throughout the day (which I know is better for us anyway).

I will say one thing: after a bout with norovirus, day-to-day life seems SO EASY! Or, as this article put it,
…for a few days your life will be glorious. The simple new-found ability to not throw up, and to control your bowels, seems the greatest of blessings. Food tastes amazing and the sky is really blue.

Getting norovirus has at least one redeeming quality – it provides great perspective afterward.”

Hear, hear!


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