"Oh where, oh where have the Doormouses gone?"

..."Oh where, oh where could they be?"

I can hear you yelling across the vast expanse of the interwebs, "Have you dropped off the face of the earth? Why haven't you been blogging?!"

No, and two reasons:

Please ignore my ridiculous looking toes.

I've found that in all the hullabaloo of keeping up with two, it's SO much easier to do things on my smartphone (yes, I've succumbed). This means keeping in touch with LOTS of Instagram photos - sometimes captioned with brief snippets, sometimes posted with near-epics. I hope to start blogging more as we continue finding our new rhythm and begin the journey of home educating our boys, but if my promise of writing more on here is anything like the promises I make to myself at the beginning of each new journal entry ("Been a long time since I've written, but I'm turning a new leaf!" HA! Yeah, right.), it's not looking too good.

So, if you'd like to keep more up-to-date with the adventures happening over at The Doormouse House, head on over to Instagram and "follow" me there!

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