The Robin Chronicles, Part V: A BERRY Good Start

So, the birdies are eating - strike that - HALF eating the fresh, delicious, sweet, ripe, perfect, homegrown strawberries from our modest little strawberry patch. It is driving me up a wall! I'll waltz over to our patch when my eyes spy an almost-perfect strawberry.

"Look, Little Mouse," I'll exclaim enthusiastically. "This berry is almost ready to be..." And that's when I see it: the anterior portion of the strawberry is that perfect gradient of red-to-white, promising a sweet treat in a matter of days, but the posterior has been pecked to death and is missing completely.

"Never mind," I'll sigh disappointedly as I pinch off the berry and toss it toward the evergreen which houses our Robin friends' nest. I was on the fence about which adorable little critter was to blame until I caught Papa Robin red-throated...er...handed on the way home from the park the other day with the boys. If you're going to eat my berries at least have the decency to eat a WHOLE one, not nibbles of every single berry on the plant! Sheesh.

So we have a rather scant first harvest of five berries. We'll be heading to the garden and hardware stores tonight for a bird bath (in case they're eating the berries because they're thirsty), some wood, and bird netting because I'll be darned if all of my hard work this season goes to waste! Which brings me to the nestling update: 

Looks like Mama and Papa bird have a full nest on their hands still, but one baby Robin is a head above the rest. The one on the far side of the nest seemed pretty unbothered by my camera's shutter clicks. The sibling beside Hungry Bird half-heartedly opened his beak in reaction to the "click-click-clicking." Hungry Bird was...well, hungry. I hope that's really the case and I'm not witnessing the process of natural selection before my eyes. 

Or maybe I should be happy, since this may mean fewer future Robins to dissuade chowing down on the Doremuses' Berry Buffet? I don't know how to feel. One thing is for sure, though: Berenbur the Scaregnome certainly isn't pulling his weight. What the heck, man?!
"Hey, that's just the cute name your kid gave me; you said yourself I blend in too much to be a scaregnome!"
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