The Robin Chronicles

As I mentioned in the May 8th Weekly Pinterest Spotlight, we were so blessed to enjoy a nest of little Robins right outside our house this year! It was an object of intense fascination for Little Mouse as Mommy bird spent the better part of five or so days carefully building her nest on a branch overhanging the landing up to our apartment.

After a few days of relative quiet, we noticed one egg...then the next day there were two...and then FOUR! This clutch (is that even the right terminology? meh...) yielded two precious little hatchlings which we got the pleasure to watch over the next several days.


We put a little weighted bowl of water on the flower shelf so Mommy bird would have a water source close to the nest.

We also made two hanging bird feeders laden with bird seed (because we had a ton of it and there are lots of other pretty birds to see in this area) and some little berries and dried fruits (because that makes up a portion of a Robin's diet, along with mealworms and earthworms. Yes, I Googled it. I wanted to be a good neighbor!).

It was big a hit with our little birdie community, as evidenced by the now-empty "bird feeders." 

I took one last set of snapshots Friday afternoon, before the baby Robins officially became fledglings, leaving their nest to learn how to fend for themselves under the watchful eye and tutelage of Mommy and Daddy bird.

It was such a remarkable and fun experience to see this little slice of nature so up-close! I really hope that we have more birdie adventures in the future; I know Little Mouse would love to have Mommy bird and some new baby birds back again next year! But for now, as Little Mouse says, "Baby bird...all gah-own!"

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