Making Christmas Merry: It's Christmastime in the City

Guest Post by Jayme Faletti
throughout my 20 years of celebrating christmas with my family, i’ve been known as the scrooge of the family. 

i was never the stereotypical kid that was awed by the tree and the decorations. i specifically remember year after year looking forward to putting up the tree and then losing interest after putting on two ornaments, or taking down one or two boxes down from the attic. my lack of enthusiasm and helpfulness was never appreciated by my mother, who loves having the house decked out with nativity scenes, lights, wreaths and garlands. to add to my lack of festivity, i’ve also never been a fan of christmas music. i always found them repetitive and somewhat dull simply due to the fact that it always felt like i heard the same 5 songs over and over by different artists, from elvis to jars of clay to disney stars. 

now you must be wondering why I'm raining all over the christmas parade. 

well, until this year i had always spent the holidays in my parents home with the familiar and comforting sights and smells of a family christmas. and i must say, i took it for granted. this summer i ventured out into the world on my own for the first time. i made the drastic life decision to move away from home and everything familiar in order to live in chicago and pursue school and life in the city. I didn't even think about how odd it would be to be on my own in the holiday season; it was a thought that i simply skipped over until the situation was upon me. 

when the christmas music started this year (way too early, i might add. the beginning of november? come on, thats a little preemptive, dont you think? i digress), i settled on the fact that i would be my regular scrooge self again this year — just a slightly lonelier scrooge. 

and i stuck to that decision pretty well until one night i was riding in a cab home to my little apartment from downtown chicago. 

as we drove past navy pier and down lakeshore drive i saw some of the most beautiful and breathtaking christmas lights. i felt like that scene in the grinch (the animated one) where his heart grows. 

i’ve always found the city somewhat enchanting, but the lights give it such a peace amidst the busyness of city life. the lights and decorations give a sense of community, even if you dont know anyone. until this experience, i had thought i couldn’t be any more in love with this city, but like the grinch/scrooge i am, i felt a new and growing appreciation and fondness for the festivity and the city itself. 
so i can’t really say that i have any super special traditions that i look back on fondly from my childhood. i can, however, say that i can’t wait to create my own traditions here, starting with an annual drive down lakeshore to navy pier.


Jayme is enjoying exploring life in the grand city of Chicago, more specifically in Lakeview. She’s pursuing school at DePaul University’s School of Music, and could not be more excited to be embracing this fantastic, whirlwind chapter of her life.

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