{ HOW TO } Sew a Quick + Easy Kick Pleat

In our house, we LOVE Goodwill. It is amazing the number of items you can find there with the tags still on the items! Between those diamonds in the rough, a growing toddler, and the number of silky wool sweaters we cut up and upcycle into cloth diaper covers, we probably visit Goodwill at least once per month. And that's a conservative estimate.

One of my most treasured finds are beautiful skirts that I can wear around the house (sooo comfy!) or to church. I love feeling feminine in a flouncy frock! However, with the large population of Apostolic Christians in the area, second-hand denim skirts are pretty hard to come by. So you can imagine my excitement when I finally found a knee-length denim skirt...until I plucked it off the hanger to wear for the first time one day.

I had tried it on before, but I hadn't tried it on SITTING DOWN. And therein lied (lay? layed? whatever...) the problem. SLIT CITY, MAYUN!
So I decided to sew in a nice little kick pleat with some medium-weight fabric I had lying about. And NOW I'm going to show you how YOU can, too! Ready? Okay!

First, cut out a square of fabric that will cover the slit of your skirt. The square should be 4" wider than your slit (2" in each direction horizontally), and 2" taller than the slit (1" past the hem and 1" past the slit top).
Hem the bottom edge of your kick pleat square that you just cut. I chose to fold it twice and sew a wide hem to line up with the hemline of the skirt.

You may also choose to stitch around the raw edges of your fabric to prevent fraying, either with a serger or with a zigzag stitch on your regular sewing machine. Pressed for time and not wanting to be bothered to drag out my serger for such a little project, I chose the smallest zigzag stitch on my machine to finish those edges.
Turn your skirt inside-out and lay your kick pleat fabric right-side down. Line up the side of your kick pleat material with the side of the slit hem that is already there. Pin if needed. 
Sew along the edge. This is what it will look like:
Repeat for the other side. Now, this side I did pin to make sure it was all lined up. 
This is what it will look like when you've sewn the sides:
Now, take the kick pleat fabric at the top of the slit and fold it down against the skirt so that there are equal portions of fabric on either side of the slit. Iron and pin the sides in place toward the top.
Sew across the top with thread matching your skirt's fabric. Unless, you know, having a line of weird horizontal stitching across the middle of your skirt is a thing you're into.
And that's it! You're all done! Accompli! Completo! Etc. Etc.
Muuuuuch better!
 Isn't that so easy? Sans-toddlers, you could easily do this over lunch. I have a few more skirts that don't necessarily NEED a kick pleat, but could be made even cuter with a peek-a-boo of fun fabric! Uh-oh...now the gears are turning...

So break out those sewing machines, dig into your fabric scraps, and have fun! Show me your projects in the comments or email them to doormousedoodles [at] live.com. I'd love to add others' awesome finished projects to this post!

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