Little Mouse's First Word (of course it wasn't 'Mama')

Lucas and I were surprised by Little Mouse's first word tonight: "LIGHT." 

He's been blabbering for...well, for as long as I can remember at this point. He's gotten to where he says, "Mamamamama" or "Dadadadadada" when he wants one of us, but never a clear "Mama" or "Dada," so I wasn't really counting it. He also has been seeming to occasionally try to say, "ball" when we say it (usually it comes out "baaaowww") and "Baaaahb" for his sheep we named "Bob" with a long "ahhhh" in the middle. You know, like a sheep says. BAA. Clever, I know.

The last week or so has been a total mental leap for him it seems. He's started very consistently and clearly signing for "milk," "all done," and "light," and pointing at things he wants. He's been signing for awhile, but it's been pretty inconsistent and unclear to anyone except me until now. He also has learned to climb UP slides at the park, is more interested at "walking" while we hold his hands, and has figured out how to use these cheap-o red whistles after watching us very intently one evening. He has also begun yelling "NAY-NAY-NAY-NAY" as he signs when he wants milk, and has been exploring all sorts of new sounds, including his "Arnold Schwarzenegger" sound, "DLAGH DLAGH DLAGH DLAGH!" 

Needless to say, it has been a very loud week in our household. 

ANYWAY, while Little Mouse was occupying himself skirting going to bed while Mommy sang very softly and sweetly to him, hubby decided a little more playtime was in order, walked in, and turned on the light on our nightstand. 

Little Mouse, sitting up on his side of the bed, very excitedly signed in the direction of the light, and very clearly said, "LIGHT!"
 I laughed, "Hahaha, oh my gosh! It sounded like he said 'light!' How funny!"
Little Mouse made his crinkle-face smile, hands on his knees, and bounced a little. Then, he signed in the direction of the light again and said, "LIDE!"
I looked at hubby, wide-eyed.
"Good boy! Light!" he said enthusiastically, signing back. 

Baby boy said it a few more times before, pleased with himself, moved onto other baby endeavors...like trying to climb on top of the nightstand to TOUCH the light. 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though; he's always looked up and pointed at lights on ceilings while he's being worn, so I've been signing and saying "light" very consistently for ages now. I just wish I would've been more intentional and consistent about other words, too! 

I'll try to snag a video of it tomorrow to share! 

Until Little Mouse lets me write again,

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