Teething and Our New "Family Bed"

Teething has been rough on us.
Sweet Little Mouse, finally asleep after some teething oil
and a nice walk around the house in our BECO carrier.
Here are the highlights: Terrible sleep, snoring sounds like a Mac truck engine, mega-clingy, and random outbursts of screaming and biting anything that is in arm's reach (thankfully not Mom...yet).

A little over two weeks ago, we had transitioned Little Mouse out of his Pack-and-Play and into a crib in his own room with little effort. A few nights before the "big move," I put a drop of lavender oil on the wheels of his Pack-and-Play, and did the same on the frame beneath his mattress on his first few nights there. I'm not sure if that helped or not, but it did smell nice! He continued his usual 3-5 nursings per night, which was a little more exhausting since I had to walk across the apartment to get to him, but he seemed to sleep better with more space. 

Cue the teething.

The first tooth came through without difficulties. HOORAY! 

But Mommy got overconfident. She started bragging about how "Baby Boy's tooth came through and he's no worse for the wear!" 

And that's when, only a few days after the first tooth really broke through that the second tooth decided to come.

But after much progress, that mean ol' second tooth seems to have decided to just sit tight for awhile and cause pain without actually going anywhere.

So it's been up and down all night, waking every 45 minutes. UNLESS he's in bed with us. 

Our mattress was already on the floor because he had slept with us before transitioning to the Pack-and-Play (seriously I need to make a chart for this - "Evolution of Little Mouse's Sleeping"). After three sleepless nights in his crib, we decided to bring him back to bed. PROBLEM: He's grown quite a bit since he last slept in bed with us. QUITE. A. BIT.

So I woke up Wednesday morning feeling like I was in labor. I AM NOT KIDDING. I must have slept weird or something because I couldn't even BREATHE it hurt so badly. But I DID get sleep that night, so I was at a terrible, terrible crossroads: Do I sacrifice both my and Little Mouse's sleep and keep him in his crib, or sacrifice my physical well-being and feel like I am DYING for the first 3 hours of every morning?

But neither options were "solutions" or even a little bit desirable. And that's when I remembered all those pictures of floor beds I had been pinning on Pinterest for Little Mouse's future room. "EUREKA! A FAMILY floor bed!"

So I side-carred Little Mouse's crib mattress to our mattress on the floor in our room. Problem solved!

Right? Wrong.

See, I *thought* it would go something like this:

Ahhhh...blissful slumber! And it does usually *start out* that way. But after an hour or two, it's this:
and this.
(Yes, he did at one point crawl over to me from his "bed" and attempt to sleep face-down on my stomach.)

Oh, well. I know he'll sleep on his own again soon, but for now, he needs a little extra comfort while we wait for that stubborn second tooth to get its act together. At least I get cuddles all night long from a cute little beebee. :)

Until Little Mouse lets me write again...

UPDATE: I wrote this blog post this afternoon as he was napping on me in his carrier. At that point his second tooth was significantly lower than his first. Daddy and I noticed tonight while we were getting him ready for bed, though, that the second tooth seems to have almost caught up to the first! That explains all the agony last night and today - that thing was getting ready for a sprint! Sorry to paint you in such a bad light, Second Tooth. Maybe you aren't such a lazy curmudgeon after all.

PLEASE NOTE: The bed looks nice and "made" with the comforter and extra pillows, but at night I only sleep with a light blanket and on the edge of one pillow. When Super Baby cuddles, it's always been instinctively at chest-level. The cute little stuffed animals on his "made" bed are placed on the floor at the end of his bed when he is using it for sleeping. Bedsharing and co-sleeping can be done SAFELY if done PROPERLY. Here's a good resource to start with.

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