Little Mouse Starts Solids!

Little Mouse is officially eating solids, though it didn't exactly happen the way I'd planned.

Dinner time is always family time in our household. Daddy sits at his place, Mommy sits at her place, and Little Mouse sits in his high chair. Mommy & Daddy get dinner and Little Mouse gets a few toys to play with, and we talk about our day (SB included!). He had been happy with this configuration for quite awhile, and we were happy to finally be eating dinner at the same time, a luxury we had to wait until SB's 3 month "birthday" to enjoy.

Early on, we had decided that we were going to introduce solids around six months, and attempt "Baby-Led Weaning" as a way of giving him his first tastes of food. Baby-Led Weaning essentially means skipping purees and letting baby feed him or herself more formidable foods from the get-go; since the nutrition received through breast milk is adequate on its own through the first year of life, introducing solids is more about exploring new tastes and textures than it is about getting any additional nutrition.
(Important side note: Weaning in this context does not mean stopping nursing; rather, it simply means adding solids in the way described above.)

So when he started to show interest in food around his 6 month "birthday" along with other signs of readiness, I got excited to begin - avocado and carrots and broccoli, OH MY! Buuuut, that's when the thrush bug hit. WOMP WOMP. 

After weeks of treating only to have the yeast return thanks to my glorious oversupply (see: excitement over the Holidays = distracted and not as efficient eating = extra milk = wet breast pads, which doesn't bode well for injured "milks"), we finally caved and went to go see the oral surgeon that had been recommended by our Lactation Consultants and awesome pediatrician all those months ago.

As it turns out, Little Mouse had a CLASS IV tongue tie, and a lip tie as well! Even though he had the most severe, complete tongue tie anatomically, he had learned how to work around it in order to nurse effectively (which is why I think I had such and oversupply)! Sadly, however, his methods of nursing caused Mommy continuous nipple trauma (*shudders*) and, eventually, YEAST. Although, those 4 extra cookies every day over the Holidays didn't exactly help my condition...

So, we had his tongue and lip tie surgically released by laser in a quick, easy, and painless procedure (no really, he was such a trooper!), and 5 days later began treating the thrush for HOPEFULLY the last time.

Because I wanted to videotape Little Mouse's escapades into noshing on exciting new nibbles, I was planning on waiting until after we were done with the week of gentian violet treatment, since the treatment stains everything purple. But he had other plans...

One night at dinner, instead of intently studying our plates and watching us eat, Little Mouse decided he wanted in on the action. None of his toys would suffice. He wanted FOOD. He reached for our plates, twisting his body around to try to reach further and further out. When that didn't work, he started yelling at our plates - just staring at the food, YELLING. It was pretty hilarious. 

In the midst of the yelling, Lucas finally pleaded, "Just give him something!"
"But he can't have any of these foods we're eating!"
"What about those Baby Mum Mums you bought yesterday?"
"Those are for later on; I only bought them because they were on sale. First he'll have an avocado, then a steamed carrot, then..."
"...Ohhhh, all right."

So, Baby Mum Mum rice rusks were Little Mouse's first taste of solid food, served up by a wide-eyed, excited Daddy and admittedly reluctant Mommy. And you know what? He LOVED it! He just smiled and kicked his little feet the whole time, as though he was saying, "Yeah, I'm eating like you!" He spit most of it out, honestly, so I still hold that his first food was the homemade applesauce we gave him in a self-feeding spoon later that week when he was yelling at our plates again, but he has already gotten better at actually EATING the food we offer him and feeding himself! It truly is amazing and a joy to watch his little face light up, so pleased with himself and excited to try new things!

Tomorrow we are trying avocado, because he is SO enthused with the experience of new foods, there's just no denying him the pleasure any longer...purple mouth or not.

Little Mouse, confused at why Baby in the Mirror looks like a clown...
Pictures to come!