It's the Little Things... (10 things I took for granted before I became a Mommy)

A short list of things I took for granted before becoming "Mommy":

1) Showers that last longer than two minutes. Really I cannot put it any better than Ilana did over at her blog, Mommy Shorts, so I won't even try. (Really, though, go read that blog entry because it is GOLD!)

2) Nipples. Not that I don't have nipples now - I mean, I still have that part of my anatomy. Just not..."intact," as it were. Breastfeeding a tongue-tied baby means your nipples will basically be two crusty points of burnt toast. And let's be real here: no amount of crazy amazing nipple cream is gonna touch that.

3) "Running errands" meant more than just sprinting into the store for a gallon of milk...and it didn't used to take all day. Between lugging around Little Mouse's suitcase (a.k.a. "the diaper bag"), feeding him every two minutes (okay, not really, but it feels that way sometimes), and panicking when he starts crying in the queue at the grocery store, inciting a death glare from the snarling lady ahead of us, it's a wonder we haven't gone hungry at our house. Which brings me to my next point...

4) Not having to eat at lightning speed. Seriously. I could enter a hot dog eating contest and win hands down.

5) Pooping. Not just pooping in peace, but also literally pooping. Making milk takes a lot of fluids, so staying hydrated is key. I discovered this quite painfully during Little Mouse's recent 6-week growth spurt. TMI? Maybe. But if my openness spares just one Mommy this trauma, it is worth sharing.

6) Alone time. I LOVE to be with my little buddy. LOVE it. But every once in awhile, I'd like to be able to do something as simple as taking a shower or sitting on the toilet without wondering how long I have before Little Mouse's next hookup or "I NEEEEED MOMMY NOOOOW!" meltdown. But, such is the way of the Mommy, especially when you're breastfeeding and you've basically got a baby attached to your boob 24/7.

7) Uninterrupted sleep. This one is a given, and I was completely expecting it, but still.

8) Not having to plan my wardrobe around how easy it is to get to the girls without being completely bare-chested. My outfit choices are EXTREMELY limited these days, and usually consist of a tank top and baggy-ish t-shirt; that way, I can lift up the tee and yank down the tank and breastfeed discreetly in public. Little Mouse hates the nursing cover (I would, too - I mean, really, it gets to be like 150° under those things!), plus they're so unweildy, so I've given up the idea of nursing with a cover. And actually, where the cover is like a spotlight on you - LOOK! LOOK! I'M LACTATING! - I've actually had people come up and talk to me not knowing I'm feeding him until he makes his routine "click-SLURP-click" unlatching sounds. I've been really tempted by the AWESOME nursing clothes over at BOOB (Literally that's the name of the company. They're Swedish.), but they're just SO DARNED EXPENSIVE (Again...Swedish.).

9) Sleeping in bed. I never in a million years would have dreamed that hubby and I would be sleeping on the couch and recliner for the first few months of Little Mouse's life, but that's where we are until his reflux is under control. Hubby and I are his mattresses, and you know what? That's okay. We get extra cuddle times with our boy and he feels secure and comfortable and can sleep safely on his stomach.

10) Traveling unencumbered by Little Mouse's "suitcase." They call them "diaper bags," but let's be honest: they're not. They're anything but. Sure, they carry diapers and other diaper-changing necessities, but they also carry a change of clothes for Mom, Dad AND baby (sometimes 3 different outfits, depending on the length of the trip), pacifiers, toys, burp cloths, water bottles, enough snacks to feed a small village (because breastfeeding Mommas gotta eat)....and so on. And heaven forbid you forget that extra whatever that you know you're not going to use but think you might just maybe need. Basically, in the event of a zombie uprising, find the nearest Mommy or Daddy with a diaper bag and you're set for at least a week. Maybe a month.

BUT, as funny as it is to look at all of the sacrifices that hubby and I have had to make since becoming parents, I wouldn't trade a minute of my crazy, 12-second-shower-taking, 1200-pound-suitcase-toting life with Little Mouse. I am SO in love with this little boy, and he is worth every second of my day!

And so, until Little Mouse lets me write again...


  1. AAAHHH! Could not agree more with this post! Love love love being a mommy but I would really love to not have to inhale my food :)

  2. :)This is great.